Social Media for Independent Musicians

posted 22 Aug 2014, 13:40 by Leigh Mullin   [ updated 23 Aug 2014, 05:27 ]

A couple of years ago after working in technology all my life, my brother asked me if I could help his band sort out their MySpace and Facebook page.  I'd already been involved in Digital Strategy in Financial Services through my work, and I'd never considered that this might be a transferable skill.  So I set about writing a strategy document for their band, The Farm, and soon discovered that many independent musicians were, at best, only vaguely aware of Social Media sites themselves and completely unaware about how to develop a strategy that covered their whole engagement with their fans and other connections across many technologies.

I've spent the past few years looking at this, and in the process have begun to help many independent artists understand how to approach their social strategy, in a way that many larger labels have also only just started to catch on to.  For the small independent musician, or label, there is little in the way of support and help in this, and they tend to drift into building a social presence limited by their own experiences or of friends and family.

This led me to thinking that for these smaller independent musicians there is an opportunity to build a remote relationship, whereby they can gain access to the same level of support and advice a Digital Marketing team or Consultant would give to a major label, at a fraction of the cost.

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